Clay Stephens | artist's statement

Artist’s Statement

I am a contemporary abstract and color field painter working primarily in acrylic, and sometimes mixed media, on canvas.

My compositions are created intuitively from recalled memories of land and seascapes, nature and the shapes, forms and colors of the Earth. I try to convey a feeling of time, place and spirit, with a sense of the magic and mystery that is our planet.

Having lived in Florida for most of my life and travelled most of the islands in the Caribbean, and on up the east coast seaboard as far north as Nova Scotia, I have many stored memories and experiences for inspiration!

The painting process starts with loose washes of color applied in layers until I see something that recalls a memory or feeling of something I have seen or experienced.

I then play off that and let the movement, energy and colors guide me to create a sense of time and place with a feeling of mystery and magic! Clay Stephens

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